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Planning for the future proves to be nerve wracking, yet exciting. Look ahead with us this March!!
Recently I had the opportunity to be my best friend’s tour guide around Miami and realized how despite being dubbed the “Miami expert”, I couldn’t remember most of the city I consider my hometown. So it was a fun opportunity for me to be reacquainted with a city I once called home. We had a long and busy day of sightseeing, traffic jams, and bipolar weather— how typical of Miami. There are some absolute must-sees in this big and exciting city, so be sure to check these spots out on your next trip!!
1. Wynwood
First we stopped by the Wynwood walls and drove by the area to see all of the vibrant graffiti and murals. There are plenty of local cafes and restaurants that line the streets of the Wynwood district for a little pick me up!
2. Design District
Then we drove to the design district, which is right by the Wynwood walls! The design district is filled with cool architecture and designer shops! My friend and I had the best time walking around and window shopping.
3. Bayside
Next, we picked up lunch from my favorite food spot in Miami, Chicken Kitchen, and brought it to the Bayside Pier to eat by the water. Chicken Kitchen is a Miami chain that's similar to Chipotle— just WAYYY better. Bayside has a ton of restaurants and shops and is located right next to the marina, where many cruise ships, yachts, and sailboats are docked. It was the perfect view for a scenic lunch. The Miami Opera House and American Airlines Arena are also in Bayside, which are landmarks many tourists like to visit!!
4. Brickell
Moving into the heart of downtown, Brickell is an area that allows you to marvel at the skyscrapers and high-rises of Miami. Boasting one of the nation’s most upscale outdoor malls, along with plenty of hotels and restaurants, there's always something going on in the area.
5. Ocean Drive
Ocean Drive is an absolute MUST SEE. Maybe I’m biased being from Miami Beach, but Ocean Drive is full of excitement and fun both during the day and night time. During the day, hit Miami’s most popular beach and lay in the sun! At night, check out the restaurants, bars, and clubs (if you are of age) that line the street.
Miami is such a big and vibrant city that I feel lucky to call home. There's so much to see and do, so maximize your next trip by hitting all of these iconic destinations!
Fly high,
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